Here is our Experience with Dr. Mohan Rao and Team (Dr. Faizal and Divya):

We were in very unfortunate situation as my husband had intensive stomach pain for 4 days and we had admitted him in Malar hospital. Within an hour they have identified the problem and informed us there was a clot in portal vein. His condition is quite rare and they have detected it and given proper treatment. My husband undergone Laparotomy and Dr. Mohan Rao and his team were very supportive during this period.

They had clearly explained everything to me before each and every procedure. This helped me to understand the situation and give my cooperation to the doctors. The analysis and corresponding treatment were given in a step by step manner. Dr. Mohan Rao was easily approachable. Anytime during the day we can meet him and discuss with him. His team helped much in my husband's recovery phase after surgery. They understand the patient's concerns as well. Even after discharge, we could communicate with Dr. Mohan Rao anytime through text or call which his quite commendable.

We really thank the entire team for treating and saving my husband's life.

Ms. Keerthiga

My name is Florence Wanjohi , a Kenyan citizen, ages 58 yrs. I accompanied my husband, Mr George k.Wanjohi as his medical attendant to Fortis Malar Hospital to undergo surgery for the removal of a cancerous tumour in the rectum under the care of Dr Mohan rao.

My interaction with Dr Mohan Before and after the operation of my husband and during the recovery process has left us feeling highly indebted to him for the following reasons.

First, the doctor has a thorough knowledge of his work and he does it with a passion. He is dedicated to it and he leaves one with a feeling that he studied medicine as a call. 

Secondly, Dr Mohan is quite decisive when making decisions and has a clear picture of what he will achieve from his decisions. He promised us a successful operation and we got it.

He is quite friendly to his patients and handles them with dignity. Dr Mohan is endowed with a pleasant personality which makes his patients at ease with him.

He is quite optimistic in his outlook which leaves his patients reassured that all will be well. Above all, Dr Mohan is very human and very patient, has time to answer a patient's questions.

Keep it up Dr Mohan, you have what it takes to be a Surgeon.

Ms. Florence Wanjohi

My son was injured very close to his eye in a freak accident at home. Being new and alone in Chennai, cradling my severely bleeding two year old, I drove to Malar Hospital after a clinic told me that he needs stitches. Neither I, nor my wailing son was ready for stitches.

That's when we met Dr. Mohan. My son wouldn't allow any one close to himself, but Dr. Mohan reassured Adithya so comfortably and effortlessly, that he even stopped crying. I still wonder if doctors who can do that are still around today! He used a special kind of sealant (pardon my medical ignorance here!) instead of stitches, and my son was all patched up without a fuss.

I don't know if Dr. Mohan was god sent for my son, but all I know is that, not a day goes by where he doesn't come across in our family's thoughts. May god speed his tribe!

Sanjana Srinivasan

As i write this I do lack the exact words to express my self ,because God worked through u and that is the reason am alive today and having a dear wife and two beautiful daughters. four years ago I had an infection that damaged my spleen which lead to internal breeding and forming a large mass of pus in my abdomen, which lead to swelling .I visited many doctors but each was telling it was a cancer, I being a Kenyan studying in India, I also had a sister in Chennai studying who fortunately got to know this hospital where Doc Mohan Rao was was working,she referred me to it where I found Doc Rao who after looking at the various test records I had , decided to take new tests all over,and from what he saw he decided I be booked immediately for Operation the next day. 

I spent a few weeks in the hospital and when I got well I left for Kenya and till date still owe my life to Doc and am healthy and having a career as a lecturer in Chuka University College Kenya. 

May The Almighty Bless You And Your Family Forever

Tom Motindi

I recently underwent an operation for multiple Lipoma and unilateral Gynecomastia under the care of Dr. Mohan Rao. This is the record of my experience with him. Initially the thought of being operated filled me with fear. I wondered if removing it would leave scars and affect my health and so many other queries. I met Dr. Mohan Rao in the Institute Hospital and talked to him about my apprehensions. He was very patient (pun intended!! :-)) and allayed all my fears. He is a very jolly person. A date was soon set for my operation and it was completed successfully. And the outcome of the operation has been Great. Thank you Doc!!!


As much as Professional Expertise, a patient also looks for Understanding and Empathy...and Dr Mohan Rao has been a fabulous combination. I feel lucky that we got referred to him for my mother's surgical treatment...


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