Acute appendicitis and treatment

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix, a 2-3 inch-long tube of tissue that extends from the large intestine. Appendicitis is a medical emergency that almost always requires prompt surgery to remove the appendix. Left untreated, an inflamed appendix will eventually burst, or perforate, spilling infectious materials into the abdominal cavity. This can lead to peritonitis, a serious inflammation of the abdominal cavity's lining (the peritoneum) that can be fatal unless it is treated quickly with strong antibiotics What Causes Appendicitis? Appendicitis occurs when the appen...
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A rare case of benign myxoid neurofibroma - a non-cancer tumor

A patient in her late thirties presented with a huge diffuse mass in the left gluteal region for three years. She was investigated and was dioceses that she needs surgical removal of the same. Hence she Was operated upon and the swelling was removed completely and sent for pathological diagnosis to the laboratory Histopathology reported as benign myxoid Neurofibroma These benign ( non-cancer)Neuro fibrous are rare benign tumors of perineural cell origin with positive IH staining for S-100 staining They are usually common on face shoulder, arms, and feet This is a rare presentati...
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A rare case of psuedomyxoma peritonei in an adult male

A Sixty-year-old male presented with gross abdominal distention of six months duration. There was no pain or fever. On investigation was found to having a huge cyst in the abdominal cavity occupying the entire abdominal cavity and was reported as a Mesenteric cyst. After the initial assessment, he was planned for ultrasound-guided cyst aspiration followed by Laparoscopic removal of the cyst. As planned the cyst was aspirated under ultrasound guidance. As the the cyst fluid was too thick, a 5 mm port was inserted under the guidance and about 4 liters of very thick fluid was aspirated. ...
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